Now Hiring, Angular+fullstack+polyglot developers, St. Louis MO

Update: We’ve hired, and have more hiring in the pipeline. Thanks to everyone who applied. We will post again for more hiring in the future!


Oasis Digital is now (and has been for a while) looking for more great developers to join our team. All the usual information is available on our careers page.

We’re also trying something a little bit different, and it seems worth of a blog post. The typical hiring process is generally analogous to a sales process, followed by an interrogation. It works something like this:

  1. Put up a job post, a form of advertisement, with just a small amount of information to entice a wide swath of applicants.
  2. Receive a big pile of resumes.
  3. Identify potentially strong candidates among them.
  4. Engage in a series of conversations one-on-one with each of those folks, in which the first major step is to explain a bunch more about the job to try to persuade the strong candidates to keep interest.
  5. Evaluate the candidates, interview, ask gotcha questions, squabble about pseudocode on whiteboards, etc.

We are experimentally trying something different, a process is more like this:

  1. Put up the job post, but have it include extensive information about how we work. There is a lot about how we work with is not particularly secret, so why keep it secret?
  2. Receive the resumes, identify the candidates, have the conversations, etc. as usual.
  3. Rather than pseudocode and whiteboards, part of our interview process is to code with (as a pair/ group / “mob”) strong candidates. A couple of hours spent doing that sheds light on a mutual fit for working together. It’s very easy to do for local candidates, and only a bit harder with remote candidates.

This has two essential differences from the typical process:

A more marketing-like approach to information dissemination. We are simply handing out a lot of the information about what it’s like to work here, anyone who wants to watch a video. It’s like marketing where you can just watch at any time. It’s not like sales or you have to submit your information and get into a one-on-one discussion.

A more collaborative approach to figuring out if there is a good mutual fit. Although inevitably sitting to code with other people has an element of being “on the hot seat”, it is less adversarial than the traditional technical interview.

Will this work? We don’t know, were just trying it. Stay tuned. And of course, if you may be interested in working as part of the Oasis Digital team, please see the careers page!




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