Now Hiring – Angular and more

We’re looking for more great developers to join our team. All the usual information is available on our careers page.

All the info is there of course, including a video explaining more about working here. But you’re already reading this blog post, so here is the essence again:

  • Our core, in-house full-time salaried team works – at our headquarters in St. Louis MO. (We sometimes augment certain projects with contractors around the country or world.)
  • We hire at a wide range of levels; entry-level software developers eager to grow fast, through grizzled gurus who already have the deep understanding and experience our most critical customer projects need.
  • No “take-home interview coding test”; rather we will program with you at the relevant stage of the hiring process to get to know each other, and see your abilities in action.
  • You need experience/knowledge of Angular, React, or one of the other competing frameworks, commensurate with your overall industry experience.
  • “Full stack” is best, but many of our developers arrive working on only part of the stack (for example, in the browser, on the server) and learn the rest over time.
  • Please apply via our site linked above – that is machinery we use, resumes that arrive any other way tend to get lost.
  • Feel free to reach out by email (address at the lower right of our web site) and ask questions about the job, to figure out if you may want to apply.

Also, a bit about our philosophy of hiring:

  • We think of hiring as a kind of marketing-like process, not a sales-like process. We aim to get the word out so that the right people can be attracted to our environment.
  • We think of hiring as a more of collaborative process of figuring out whether there is a mutual fit, less as a race or competition.

Blog posts can get stale. Our current hiring is always listed on our careers page!

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Kyle Cordes

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