Transposing Rows and Columns in ag-grid

Real-world Angular applications often need to present tabular/grid data, and most grids make the most sense when presented with each column representing a certain type of data. For example, on a spreadsheet showing a pay schedule for a loan, the first column could be a date, the second column could be the interest accrued, the next could be the size of the payment, etc.

However, we sometimes need to show data in a transposed format, where the rows instead of the columns need to show a consistent data type. This is a rare case, which is why some major grid libraries like ag-grid don’t provide native support for the feature, but it’s still necessary.

Fortunately, ag-grid gives enough power to developers to be able to transpose data for display, and even to have features like renderers and editors apply by row instead of by column.

I’ve shared a small Angular app on GitHub that I’ll use to step through the process of transposing data. Think of it as a prototype for an app that shows names as they are translated in various languages (Matthew, Mateo, Matthäus, Матфей, etc). You can see the live-running app on StackBlitz, which shows the evolving grid on separate tabs.

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