On-site is back – COVID-19 pandemic update

Last spring when the pandemic arrived, we quickly transitioned to 95% online operations, as detailed in our post at the time. Throughout, Oasis Digital has continued serving customers online/remotely, delivering results effectively albeit less conveniently. We have had no known workplace-spread illness.

Here is the United States, as of April 2021 the pandemic appears to be winding down quickly. Most of our team is vaccinated, our headquarters office is in full use, and client interest in on-site / in-person engagements has started to return.

Therefore, we are now scheduling on-site client engagements, of course with due care and precautions.

Our open-enrollment classes will gradually include in-person dates later in 2021.

(We are keenly aware that the pandemic is currently much worse in some other areas of the world.)

Advanced, Angular-related training and mentoring

About five years ago (it feels like forever) Oasis Digital started training on Angular. Our flagship course Angular Boot Camp has become quite popular, we’ve taught it many hundreds of times to many thousands of students. For the first few years, this offering was a perfect fit for almost every company that contacted us, as software teams were initially adopting Angular. Over the last few years though, Angular has become mature and robust, and Angular has achieved broad adoption across organizations large and small. Aggregate needs of Angular teams inevitably shift toward bigger scale, more difficult and important uses of the technology.

As a result, our training efforts have substantially pivoted toward more advanced topics.

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Now Hiring – Angular and more

We’re looking for more great developers to join our team. All the usual information is available on our careers page.

All the info is there of course, including a video explaining more about working here. But you’re already reading this blog post, so here is the essence again:

  • Our core, in-house full-time salaried team works – at our headquarters in St. Louis MO. (We sometimes augment certain projects with contractors around the country or world.)
  • We hire at a wide range of levels; entry-level software developers eager to grow fast, through grizzled gurus who already have the deep understanding and experience our most critical customer projects need.
  • No “take-home interview coding test”; rather we will program with you at the relevant stage of the hiring process to get to know each other, and see your abilities in action.
  • You need experience/knowledge of Angular, React, or one of the other competing frameworks, commensurate with your overall industry experience.
  • “Full stack” is best, but many of our developers arrive working on only part of the stack (for example, in the browser, on the server) and learn the rest over time.
  • Please apply via our site linked above – that is machinery we use, resumes that arrive any other way tend to get lost.
  • Feel free to reach out by email (address at the lower right of our web site) and ask questions about the job, to figure out if you may want to apply.

Also, a bit about our philosophy of hiring:

  • We think of hiring as a kind of marketing-like process, not a sales-like process. We aim to get the word out so that the right people can be attracted to our environment.
  • We think of hiring as a more of collaborative process of figuring out whether there is a mutual fit, less as a race or competition.

Blog posts can get stale. Our current hiring is always listed on our careers page!

The Oasis Digital Spectrum of Services

In the early years of Oasis Digital, we offered exactly one service: outsourced software development contracting. Since then, we’ve expanded to a spectrum of related services. The result doesn’t fit in an “elevator pitch”, but it meets the needs of customers much better. Our “spectrum of services” will be more clear on our main website and elsewhere over time, but this blog post explains it as succinctly as we can. Ranked in approximate order from smallest to largest, we offer:

1) Free technical content

Our expert developers/trainers speak and write about relevant technical topics, and the results are almost always freely available: talks on our YouTube channel, posts on our blog, our twitter accounts, and so on. Further, we attend various conferences and are always happy to speak to people who come talk with us there.

2) Tickets to public classes

We teach on several technical topics, most prominently Angular Boot Camp. Class tickets are a great fit for an individual developer or small group, who can purchase, then attend online or in person around the US and occasionally around the world.

3) Private training classes

To train a whole team at once, we offer private classes, both online and in-person. Private classes can also easily be extended with add-on days of customized consulting and training, for customers looking for added value. Some customers engage us for a series of private classes.

4) Application assessment

An application assessment is a short consulting engagement (typically 1 week, with 1 or 2 of our experts) in which we meet with a new customer in-depth, to assess an application (or understand the vision of an application). The assessment includes a written report, and (if needed) a proposal for future recommended work.

5) Ongoing expert assistance

Oasis Digital can provide ongoing expert assistance, in a retainer-like arrangement. We regularly meet with your developers, to help with questions, issues, code review, design guidance, and implementation of key areas. We have different packages depending on how much assistance each month you need.

6) Agile product development

In an Agile development project, a Oasis Digital works with a customer on an iterative basis, prioritizing features (“stories”), responding to changes and guidance. Such a project is especially amenable when the product vision is established but feature needs are still evolving. An Agile project is straightforward to contract and price (based on the team size), and can start quickly then last as long as needed. We often begin Agile projects with Oasis Digital developers, then gradually integrate customer developers over time for an eventual handover. The project style is also well suited when Oasis Digital is joining an existing effort already in progress.

7) Scoped product development

In a scope product/project, the features needed are worked out in advance (a scoping effort might be part of an application assessment, for example) so that Oasis Digital can provide a price and schedule to achieve that known list of features and surrounding goals. This style of project is decidedly less agile (changes and additional features are generally implemented after successful delivery of the initial scope), but can also ultimately be more efficient – our experts are especially adept at skipping directly to a high quality approach, avoiding false starts and reducing rework during iteration.


Now Hiring, Angular+fullstack+polyglot developers, St. Louis MO

Update: We’ve hired, and have more hiring in the pipeline. Thanks to everyone who applied. We will post again for more hiring in the future!


Oasis Digital is now (and has been for a while) looking for more great developers to join our team. All the usual information is available on our careers page.

We’re also trying something a little bit different, and it seems worth of a blog post. The typical hiring process is generally analogous to a sales process, followed by an interrogation. It works something like this:

  1. Put up a job post, a form of advertisement, with just a small amount of information to entice a wide swath of applicants.
  2. Receive a big pile of resumes.
  3. Identify potentially strong candidates among them.
  4. Engage in a series of conversations one-on-one with each of those folks, in which the first major step is to explain a bunch more about the job to try to persuade the strong candidates to keep interest.
  5. Evaluate the candidates, interview, ask gotcha questions, squabble about pseudocode on whiteboards, etc.

We are experimentally trying something different, a process is more like this:

  1. Put up the job post, but have it include extensive information about how we work. There is a lot about how we work with is not particularly secret, so why keep it secret?
  2. Receive the resumes, identify the candidates, have the conversations, etc. as usual.
  3. Rather than pseudocode and whiteboards, part of our interview process is to code with (as a pair/ group / “mob”) strong candidates. A couple of hours spent doing that sheds light on a mutual fit for working together. It’s very easy to do for local candidates, and only a bit harder with remote candidates.

This has two essential differences from the typical process:

A more marketing-like approach to information dissemination. We are simply handing out a lot of the information about what it’s like to work here, anyone who wants to watch a video. It’s like marketing where you can just watch at any time. It’s not like sales or you have to submit your information and get into a one-on-one discussion.

A more collaborative approach to figuring out if there is a good mutual fit. Although inevitably sitting to code with other people has an element of being “on the hot seat”, it is less adversarial than the traditional technical interview.

Will this work? We don’t know, were just trying it. Stay tuned. And of course, if you may be interested in working as part of the Oasis Digital team, please see the careers page!




Angular Boot Camp, London UK

A number of companies in Europe have inquired about our Angular Boot Camp immersive Angular class, and a few threatened to send students across the ocean to attend one of our public classes. So when we saw that the 2015 European Angular conference (Angular Connect) is in easily-accessible London, we stepped in as a sponsor, and decided to offer Angular Boot Camp a few weeks thereafter, also in London.

After many weeks of paperwork delays, we have been issued the appropriate VAT number to do business there, and are pleased to announce our first offering of Angular Boot Camp across an ocean. The venue is a training facility in Wokingham, not far from Heathrow and easily accessible by train to downtown London. The dates are 3-5 November 2015, please see the site for more information and to register.


Early Start with Angular 2 – New Class Offering

We have been using Angular version 1.x for years now, and following version 2 development with great interest. Things have come together greatly over the last few months, after having somewhat wandered prior to that. We feel like now is the time to dig into version 2.

There been comments by the core Angular team also, which indicate that now is the time for developers to start previewing the new release.

For companies that want to dig in deep, we are now offering a brand-new “Early Start with Angular 2” class. The first scheduled date is in November in St. Louis, the second in early December in San Francisco.

(This does not replace our Angular Boot Camp class, it is firmly oriented toward immediate production use of Angular, and will remain so at least until version 2 ships as a final production form, and perhaps even thereafter for companies still using version 1.)