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Angular Runtime Performance Guide

Co-authored by Paul Spears and Andrew Wiens 1.0 Introduction Smooth, highly-responsive interfaces increase users’ confidence in an application and create an overall positive experience. Whereas small applications with simple interactions are built without a focus on runtime performance, standard approaches sometimes do not scale well as the data size or feature complexity increases. A common […]

Getting Started With DI in Angular 2

One of the core features of Angular 2 is dependency injection. This post serves as an introduction to using DI in Angular 2 apps. Hierarchical DI Angular 2 uses a hierarchical system for managing injectable objects. For developers this means that the choice of having a new instance or a previously created one is up […]

Angular 2: Working With Alphas


At the St. Louis Angular Lunch this month, I talked about working with the recent Angular 2 alpha versions. The rapid changes to the Angular framework have made it difficult to pin down its usage. As a result information explaining how one might build a full application has been mostly non-existent. The goal of this […]

Building a Configurator in Angular


Introduction Modl Buildr is a configurator that allows users to select and configure a product of choice. It was inspired by a desktop configurator application and the question, “How can this problem be solved better in the browser?.” As with many of our projects, we used AngularJS. Built as a framework for enhancing and augmenting […]

Modl Buildr – A Rules Based Configurator Demo


Introduction Modl Buildr is a demo application we created at Oasis Digital, a rules-based “configurator”. Its inspiration comes from older desktop application configurators. Modl Buildr can be used to generate model numbers for highly customizable products. A user can select a product, choose from a set of options for that product, review the final product […]

Angular 2 Component Router


This month at the St. Louis Angular Lunch I spoke about Angular’s upcoming “component router”. Originally created for Angular 2 and to-be-back-ported to Angular 1.x, the component router serves as a replacement to the current routing options. While still too early to use in production it looks like a promising alternative. In this talk (video […]

Localization in AngularJS


At the St. Louis Angular Lunch this month (which we sponsor), Mark Volkmann of OCI gave a talk on localization. In his talk he addresses how to setup AngularJS services and filters to determine which rules to apply for i18n and l10n runtime support. AngularJS includes good i18n support, probably because of extensive use inside […]

Using GulpJS

I recently gave a talk at the St. Louis Angular Lunch on GulpJS. While not directly related to Angular, GulpJS is a great utility to have while working on frontend development, and it very popular among Angular developers. This talk explains the basic usage of Gulp and provides some minor comparisons to its largest competitor, […]

Advanced Directives in AngularJS


AngularJS directives have a wide array of uses, some more difficult to implement than others. Understanding how the link function, directive controllers, scopes, required, restrict all interact and how to implement them can be daunting. Bill Odom and Matt Follett recently gave a talk at the St. Louis Angular Lunch explaining in detail about advanced […]

Custom Directives in AngularJS


Here is another talk from the St. Louis Angular Lunch we sponsor / operate here at the Oasis Digital. In this talk, Mark Volkmann of OCI explains how to use AngularJS to extend HTML to include custom, modular components. The ability to define custom directives is one of the most powerful features of AngularJS, and […]

Learning AngularJS


At a recent St. Louis Angular Lunch Brian Gilstrap talked about his experience with learning AngularJS. In his talk Brian outlined a classic scenario that we have seen in many of our Angular Boot Camp classes. A polyglot developer with years of experience finds themselves in need of, or with a desire to learn, Angular. What is […]