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The Heart of BI / OLAP is your data

There are plenty of vendors eager with a sales pitch for BI/OLAP projects, eager also to give you the impression that all you need to do is buy their product. This is wrong, perhaps dangerously so, because **the heart of BI / OLAP is your data** and the core challenge is to transform your data […]

OLAP/BI as a system component

There is a thriving market, of software makers, system integrators, service firms of all kinds, and so on around OLAP and business intelligence. This market got a lot more attention 10 or 20 years ago, when the work was primarily done by specialist firms. But OLAP has not disappeared, rather it is become “table stakes” […]

Persistence in CQRS Read Models


One of the biggest benefits of CQRS is the ability to implement multiple read models. Business rules and the domain model are safe, clean and isolated over in the write model. They are not getting in the way of view models, which can selectively pick the pieces they are interested in, freely reshape them, and […]