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How we use Git, and why

Here at Oasis Digital, we use Git for source control for nearly all of our projects. There are numerous different ways to use Git, and after many projects we have evolved on a set of effective practices. We have found the approach described here works very well for almost everything we do, though of course […]

The Oasis Digital Spectrum of Services

At the founding of Oasis Digital in 2001, we offered exactly one service: outsourced software development contracting. Since then, we’ve expanded to a spectrum of related services. The result doesn’t fit in an “elevator pitch”, but it meets the needs of customers much better. Our “spectrum of services” will be more clear on our main […]

Fast Angular 2 compile cycle with TSC

There are numerous choices for tooling in a TypeScript Angular 2 project. This list is no doubt incomplete: SystemJS with JSPM SystemJS without JSPM Webpack Angular-CLI (which uses System and Broccoli and other things behind the scenes) At Oasis Digital, we have worked with all of these variations, and experienced trouble at least with all […]

AngularJS Testing Frameworks – Mark Katerberg – Angular Lunch

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.03.13 PM

At our September 9, 2015 Angular Lunch, Mark Katerberg compared the different testing frameworks with AngularJS 1.x. He shows and explains the differences between Jasmine, Mocha and associated libraries, and how they compare for Angular application unit testing. If you don’t have time to watch it, here is my super-high-level summary: Karma+Jasmine is a solid, […]

Learn TypeScript Now, Prepare for Angular 2.0


Like most organizations building client-side web applications (SPAs), here at Oasis Digital we have most commonly written code in plain old JavaScript, i.e. ES5, with help from linters, unit tests, etc. Lots and lots of code is out there, written in ES5 plus AngularJS and other frameworks. There are obvious weaknesses to this approach, or […]

Rapid Prototyping

prototype stencil print on the grunge white brick wall

Here at Oasis Digital we work on many kinds of projects. We start new projects in a “green field”. We revive old projects where former developers are no longer around. We teach classes open to the public, we travel to our customers to teach classes privately. We attack entire projects. We supply brainpower to existing […]

Preparing for Angular 2.0

Here at Oasis Digital, we have been excited about the possibilities for Angular 2.0 ever since its (somewhat contentious) public debut at the Fall 2014 European Angular conference. That was the conference with the infamous “tombstone” slides, and the frequently misunderstood explanation by the Angular team members that they did not have a migration strategy […]

Task Based User Interfaces


Here at Oasis Digital, the bulk of our work is on complex business data systems. These projects sometimes involve a so-called task-based user interface. Briefly, this is an interface where the operations available to the user are presented in terms of the problem domain, rather than in terms of editing data. Other names for this […]

Data Services for AngularJS Applications


I wrote recently about data/API services for complex “single page” JavaScript-heavy web applications. Everything there applies to AngularJS as well as other frameworks (Ember, Knockout, React, etc.), but there are some particulars to keep in mind for ease of interaction between an AngularJS web application and a data service. This topic is also asked about in […]