The Oasis Digital Spectrum of Services

At the founding of Oasis Digital in 2001, we offered exactly one service: outsourced software development contracting. Since then, we’ve expanded to a spectrum of related services. The result doesn’t fit in an “elevator pitch”, but it meets the needs of customers much better.

Our “spectrum of services” will be more clear on our main website and elsewhere over time, but this blog post explains it as succinctly as we can. Ranked in approximate order from smallest to largest, we offer:

1) Free technical content

Our expert developers/trainers speak and write about relevant technical topics, and the results are almost always freely available: talks on our YouTube channel, posts on our blog, our twitter accounts, and so on. Further, we attend various conferences and are always happy to speak to people who come talk with us there.

2) Tickets to our public classes

We teach on several technical topics, most prominently Angular Boot Camp. Class tickets are a great fit for an individual developer or small group, who can purchase, then attend online or in person around the US and occasionally around the world.

3) Private training classes

To train a whole team at once, we offer private classes, again both online and in-person. Private classes can also easily be extended with extra days of customized training and consulting, for customers looking for added value.

4) Recurring training classes

While many customers find their project can effectively be launched after a single training class, others with a large team or ongoing complex needs can purchase a series of training classes. A series of classes can include more developers, or can be customized to meet the needs of more complex projects. In the latter case, the result is partway between training and short-term consulting: as part of a follow-on training class, our developers can work closely with your team to prototype a working solution to key problems of a project underway. Alternatively we can review code, and offer on-demand advice, examples, and instruction to produce the best software results efficiently.

5) Consulting

Our consulting services go beyond training-like engagements, to include substantial work with your source code. Consulting engagements can include:

  • Reviewing an existing complex project
  • Presenting possibilities to continue development of such a project
  • Advising on the relative merits of updating a legacy project versus replacing it
  • Adding and adjusting features
  • Supplementing your internal expertise

6) Launch your project

Oasis Digital developers can launch your project, creating an initial working system that demonstrates the critical value, proves out technology stack choices, and so on. The work can then be handed over to an internal team (perhaps with our training classes, in certain technical areas), or it can grow into a ongoing Oasis Digital effort to complete the project.

7) Code your project for you

Lastly, Oasis Digital can take on an entire project, assisting with requirements refinement, system design, implementation, rollout assistance, and any other needed elements of the software development lifecycle.