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Leaders vs. Entropy


The other day my wife made a funny word association looking at our company’s timesheets. She commented that the category “Misc Management” looked an awful lot like “Mismanagement”. This got me thinking. I should clarify that what I am writing has nothing to do with that particular use of Misc Management, it is an appropriate […]

Crafting a Summer Intern Program

Inspired by Fog Creek’s summer intern program, for the last few years we’ve (occasionally) thought about a summer intern program at Oasis Digital. We’ll going to try it out this summer, with a single intern; a more substantial program is possible in the future. Serious Work When some people hear (or say) the word intern, […]

Shared-Risk Pricing for Custom Software Development

In any custom software development project, there are well-known risks: The scope may be underestimated at the start. The scope may increase over time (not always a bad thing – often a client discovers that additional functionality would deliver additional business value). The development firm may be unable to deliver any working solution at all. The project may take more time than […]