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Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) risks

Oasis Digital has been monitoring coverage of the unfolding COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. Our plans are described here, and will evolve as needed. Our culture, experience, and technology enable us to continue meeting customer obligations with reduced or eliminated in-person contact. In addition to equipping each of our team members for remote collaboration, we have dedicated […]

Angular Boot Camp Unleashed

Oasis Digital is pleased to announce that… …we are publishing extensive example code that we use in Angular Boot Camp. This example code is available under an open source license (in case you want to grab a bit to use in a project), and is hosted on GitHub for easy browsing and instant editing on […]

Frameworks and commercial ecosystems

Or, “why we don’t teach Aurelia” Here at Oasis Digital and its sister company (Expium), we offer training and services concentrated around various languages and frameworks: Angular TypeScript Node The web platform in general JIRA, Confluence, and other Atlassian products (Expium is an Atlassian Solutions Partner) There are many reason – technical, history, intentional, and […]

Expert Angular Developer-Trainers Wanted

Here at Oasis Digital, a sizable portion of our work revolves around AngularJS and soon Angular 2: writing software, reviewing software, consulting, teaching classes. Our Angular classes are described in detail at – as you can read there, our classes are taught by professional, expert developers. Our Angular classes have proven quite popular – […]

Online vs In-Person Classes

Young girl using laptop study working communicating ordering online sitting in comfortable beanbag chair cityscape on the background

Earlier this year, we started offering some of our classes (most prominently Angular Boot Camp) online as well as in person. We intentionally waited to offer an online option until our classes were well proven as live, in-person events, with the goal of making the online experience capture as much of the quality from the […]