Advanced, Angular-related training and mentoring

About five years ago (it feels like forever) Oasis Digital started training on Angular. Our flagship course Angular Boot Camp has become quite popular, we’ve taught it many hundreds of times to many thousands of students. For the first few years, this offering was a perfect fit for almost every company that contacted us, as software teams were initially adopting Angular. Over the last few years though, Angular has become mature and robust, and Angular has achieved broad adoption across organizations large and small. Aggregate needs of Angular teams inevitably shift toward bigger scale, more difficult and important uses of the technology.

As a result, our training efforts have substantially pivoted toward more advanced topics.

Many of our engagements starting in 2017 (and much more in 2018 and 2019) have focused on helping larger teams adopt Angular most effectively, most broadly, at scale. Typical customers/projects have one or more the following characteristics:

  • Large team / project
  • Complex application features and business rules
  • Urgency – a large effort that needs to come together in months rather than years
  • Team has been “burned” by past efforts with insufficient depth of understanding
  • Application correctness issues, in the face of human, network, and server variations

To help deal with these things, Oasis Digital now offers much more training than just Angular Boot Camp. We have a growing list of topics to help teams move far beyond initial use. As of early 2019 the list includes:

  • Advanced RxJS
  • Angular Material
  • HTML and CSS in depth for SPA (Angular, etc) developers
  • Open source dependency governance
  • Application development governance
  • Protractor/E2E testing in-depth
  • State management with NgRX

… and the list will keep growing. Some of these are suitable especially for teams that have already been through Angular Boot Camp, others are suitable for teams with sophisticated challenges across the web platform and full-stack.