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JIRA Board Case Study

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I recently gave a talk about a somewhat non-traditional approach to using Agile boards in JIRA. This was recorded 2015-09-15 at our offices in St. Louis. Transcript We have transcribed the talk about to text, provided below. (more…)

Will Atlassian Be Recognizable in 2016?

A fork in the road infers a decision point in ones life.

As the largest purveyor of JIRA classes outside of Atlassian, we are as keen as anyone on their plans for the future after the round of press releases and articles related to JIRA, Atlassian’s value, and a possible IPO. The news and reporting around Atlassian of late has been pretty intense, confusing, and possibly alarming. […]

Filters are the “Language” of JIRA


Often I describe JIRA as a large set of Legos in a bucket. JIRA is one of those tools that is so flexible it is hard to get your head around how to use it. The Lego analogy works on many levels. Using the predefined project types, JIRA Agile, JIRA Service Desk, etc is like […]

JIRA Customization

Technology platforms mature and improve over time. The Atlassian ecosystem is no exception. One area where Atlassian has matured dramatically is in supporting customizations. In the past customizations were a real “wild west” edit the database and file system approach. Today we have flexibility in configuration and a strong API. Often people have a hard […]

St. Louis Atlassian User Group – Aug 2015


On Aug 11, 2015 the St. Louis Atlassian User Group (AUG) met at the Urban Chestnut Brewery in the Grove area of St. Louis. This meeting was set up as a fairly informal gathering to share our experiences and make connections. It was a very successful event attended by nearly 70 people. The St. Louis […]

User Adoption = Success

System Administrators often find themselves caught trying to fulfill the promises and hype that come with a new system purchase. As ERP companies learned the hard way over the last twenty years, a system is only as good as its user adoption. Metrics cannot flow to management without individual users, on a consistent basis, doing […]

Iterative Thinking is a Lifestyle

Abstract Vector white life cycle diagram / schema

A student in a recent JIRA Boot Camp commented on how I described agile processes differently than a consultant her company had brought in. She noted that what I described seemed to make more sense. This got me thinking about those differences, why our approaches were different, and why it should matter. I read a […]

Mantis to JIRA Translator / Importer

A few years ago we needed to migrate a large project issue tracker from Mantis to JIRA. At time, JIRA’s Mantis import feature was very limited; looking at it now in 2015, it appears to be more mature. We needed specific features for the Mantis to JIRA conversion: Include comments Include attachments Include inter-issue links […]

JIRA: A Fluid Interface


Strategies for successfully traversing the ever shifting Atlassian UI Atlassian’s JIRA is a fascinating platform for me to use, teach about, and study. I have been working with computers since I was a child in the 80’s. My parents did not buy an Atari game machine when they were popular, we bought an Atari 400 […]

Custom Issue Types, A Real Asset in JIRA


I often receive questions from JIRA users arising from a lack of understanding of the underlying system architecture. It is not unusual to desire some functionality and instinctively know there must be a way to do it with the data and the tools available, but not quite grasp the best way to accomplish it. Often […]