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JIRA Workflow Design Principles


Anyone familiar with JIRA understands that jumping into building a workflow without an overall plan can lead to problems. While navigating JIRA’s workflow editing tools, half of your brain is focused on your workflow design, and the other half is dealing with the tools. While I encourage new users to try their hand at the […]

JIRA Workflows for 1st Timers


New JIRA users often run into a predictable set of problems when they jump in to build a workflow. If you are new to JIRA, I encourage you to get some training before you move beyond learning and start pushing workflows to users. If you want to get going quickly, here are some guidelines that […]

JIRA Jumble, a Test Data Generator for JIRA

At Oasis Digital, we teach a JIRA class in which students learn hands-on how to build workflows, administer JIRA, and overcome common challenges. While writing the course material, we realized that it is difficult to fully understand the features unless you have a significant amount of data in JIRA: issues, projects, users, with important dates […]

JIRA Training 103 – The Right Tool

Online support. Toolbox with tools on laptop. 3d

I was reflecting on my time at the Atlassian Summit today and put some pieces together. Throughout the conference I would hear the keynotes (mostly Atlassian leadership) and session speakers wax on about the improvements in the products and where things were going. (On a side note, this was one of the best events I […]

JIRA Training 102 – The Little Things


When I observe various JIRA installations, some common problems tend to bubble to the surface. Many cases of poor adoption or user interaction can be traced back to inadequate setup. As a JIRA Admin or champion you can send a clear message to your users by how you approach the system in the first place. […]

JIRA Training 101 – Workflows


Atlassian’s JIRA is a powerful tool to manage your team and your projects. Having a tool and bringing a tool to bear on a problem are two totally different things. I teach a JIRA Boot Camp class that is three days long and focuses on skills, like workflow configuration, needed to be successful implementing JIRA. What is […]

Using JIRA: Be a Winner not a Loser!


When using a tool like JIRA to curate your project management processes it is important to use it effectively. It is very easy to move off of the “happy” path and into the weeds that cycle a project into chaos. I want to touch on a few of the pitfalls and also highlight a couple […]

Adapting a Microsoft Project Mind to a JIRA World


Over the last two years I have been steadily transitioning from project based, hardware-centric systems, to the world of software development. This transition has required me to adapt in many ways, some were easy and some were quite difficult. As I prepare for the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco this week I am reminded of the journey […]