Mantis to JIRA Translator / Importer

A few years ago we needed to migrate a large project issue tracker from Mantis to JIRA. At time, JIRA’s Mantis import feature was very limited; looking at it now in 2015, it appears to be more mature.

We needed specific features for the Mantis to JIRA conversion:

  • Include comments
  • Include attachments
  • Include inter-issue links

To achieve this, we implemented our own Mantis to JIRA import. It takes the form of a Java program, which interacts with Mantis and JIRA as follows:

  • Uses the Mantis SOAP API to retrieve issues data, comments, links, and attachment metadata.
  • Uses the JIRA CSV import for the above.
  • Enables JIRA to retrieve attachments from Mantis over HTTP during CSV import.
  • Uses the JIRA REST API to put in issue links – they are (were?) not supported via the JIRA CSV import.
  • Translate usernames via a lookup file, as JIRA usernames may not match Mantis username.

The resulting software was tuned for our specific needs, but it also reasonably generic: none of the URLs, names, or authentication settings are baked in, they are all set via configuration. Therefore, we are happy to release the software here, in case anyone finds it useful. All necessary files (aside from Mantis, JIRA, and a JVM) are included in the ZIP file, including rough documentation.

This is a binary-only release; we haven’t cleaned up the source code for release, or decided whether to do so. This software at no cost but with no promise of support; but feel free to contact us with questions, or to engage us in consulting work using this tool.