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FlashFiler to RDBMS Data Converter


Our work at a Oasis Digital often includes migrating legacy code or data into a new system. We often find off-the-shelf tools, or create ad hoc single use tools to assist that process, but occasionally something reusable emerges. We recently needed to convert a lot of data from a legacy FlashFiler database (an Turbo Pascal […]

Delphi as High Level Assembly Code?

A while back I needed to reverse the order of the 4 8-bit bytes in a 32-bit word, in some Delphi code. I worked out a way to do it with bit shifting, read the docs for a few minutes, and got something to work with AND, SHL, SHR, and some $FF constants. Later I […]

Slider Control for Touch-Screen Applications

At Oasis Digital we are working on an application that will run on a touch-screen computer, and which will be used to (among other things) control an audio amplification system. There are some design considerations for touch-screen applications which are rather stark once you use the touch-screen for a few minutes: A finger is much less […]

Graph Visualization in Delphi

For a project at Oasis Digital, we need to show the end user a graphical representation of a graph (in the “graph theory” sense of the word). The application is written in Delphi, and in looking around I didn’t find any native Delphi components for doing that. I did find GraphViz, and a COM Wrapper […]

Test Intensive Development in Delphi

At the 2002 Borland Conference, I presented a “Birds of a Feather” session on Test Intensive Development in Delphi. A couple of dozen people attended, in spite of the early morning time slot. Most of the attendees were new to test intensive development, though a few were experienced in it and shared useful tips. My […]

Improving Delphi Object Pascal

In a conversation between me and others in a newsgroup thread a while back, I made some comment about not caring for the Object Pascal syntax in some way. Someone asked: > If you dislike Pascal so much, please explain what you like and why. This is a slightly more detailed answer to the question […]

Delphi Resources

Pure Technologies offer open-source PureSOAP, which looks like a good way to use SOAP from Delphi, without require the Enterprise edition of Delphi 6. Another good approach for this is to use Microsoft’s SOAP support (ROPE, etc.) via COM. DUnit is a Delphi version of the “xUnit” familt of unit test tools popularized by Extreme Programming adherents. I’ve found it […]

Windows Clients, Java Servers

Problem / Scenario: You have server code in Java implementing business logic, or you want to have such code. Java is your strategic choice. But… you have a need for a client application that will be a native Windows application, for whatever reason. Sample reasons: (1) they need to run quickly and smoothly on a […]