Angular 2 Plans – Angular Boot Camp

Here at Oasis Digital, we have been receiving lots of questions about our plans around our popular Angular Boot Camp class, and the upcoming Angular version 2. It is important to handle transitions like this well; here is our plan, already underway.

Angular 2 is Coming Soon!

We are already hard at work with Angular 2, and have been for some time. We have an Early Start with Angular 2.0 class already scheduled – first in St. Louis (almost sold out!) then in San Francisco – see the page for details.

How soon is Angular 2 coming? There isn’t an official answer yet (as of September 2015), but we are hoping for an announcement at the major European Angular conference Angular Connect in October – By the way, we are a sponsor, and are offering the Angular Boot Camp a few weeks later near London.

We are further hoping, but have no evidence other than reading the tea leaves, that version 2 will ship at or around ng-conf 2016. Our plans are roughly based upon this assessment – we will adjust right away as further information about the schedule emerges.

From a technical readiness point of view, we have been watching Angular 2 quite closely, and feel like it is now converging on a ready-to-use state, after extended early development. Keep an eye on this blog for our Angular 2 content.

AngularJS 1.x Training

We will continue to support our AngularJS 1.x customers after Angular 2 ships. We expect AngularJS 1.x will continue to be under heavy use at many organizations for years to come. We plan to continue offering a AngularJS 1.x-centric class for as long as customers need it.

Our Angular Boot Camp already includes content about getting ready for version 2, and we will continue to refine and increase that based on the stream of alpha, beta, and then release versions of Angular 2.

Angular 2.x Training

As mentioned above, you can sign up now for our Early Start with Angular 2.0 class. This class is intended for developers already familiar with AngularJS 1.x, and primed to move quickly to new suite of technologies for 2.0.

At some point, as the demand develops, we will offer our full 3-day “boot camp” experience in an Angular 2.0 class. It will provide everything a new developer needs to get up and running with the new version, with some attention paid to compatibility with the old version, but taught in a way that works regardless of whether developers are┬ácoming from AngularJS 1.x.

Another interesting question is how to handle customers who realistically need to work heavily in both. We may offer a combined class, four or five days, teaching both – we are not sure if this is ideal yet, it will depend on our customers’ needs.

Update: We now offer a full 3-day Angular 2 class, starting in 2016.