Our Summer 2015 Interns Enter the OnePlus Contest

In 2015 we completed our 5th year of a successful summer intern program. In this program high school students engage in an intensive 3 weeks of training followed by 7 weeks of working on a real software development project. You can learn more about the intern program at http://summer.oasisdigital.com. This year the team worked on a pro-bono exhibit project for the St. Louis Science Center.

The leader of the intern team for 2015, Maneesh Tewani, and I are both fans of OnePlus. OnePlus makes unconventional smartphones in that they are highly desired but can only be purchased if you are invited. A very idiosyncratic and unusual approach to marketing that is clearly working. OnePlus launched a new phone this summer, the OnePlus 2, and held a promotional contest to give out free phones and invitations for purchase. There were ten categories under which entries were accepted, one of them being a community service project.

We quickly pulled together the following video which garnered 3rd place in its class. We did receive an invite although we barely missed a free phone offered to the top two in each category. Enjoy the video.