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Review and Advice – ongoing support engagements

Here at Oasis Digital, one of the services we offer is to “review and advise” about a team’s applications. Today, let’s elaborate on the meaning of these services listed on our web site. Goals of a “review and advise” engagement From the Oasis Digital point of view, the key goal is to assist customer stakeholders […]

Typescript Now – for AngularJS

Another “extended Angular Lunch” talk, Kyle Cordes explains why you would want to make the switch to TypeScript today rather than wait for Angular 2. An earlier blog post covers a similar topic. Transcript We have transcribed the talk to text, provided below. (more…)

Google’s Go language

Google’s Go language (“golang”) was first released in early form in 2009, and reached 1.0 in 2012. Go has matured quite quickly compared to many other new languages. We find several aspects of Go appealing: Go is a pragmatic language, with features chosen to ease and speed development of substantial projects. Go uniquely combines a rapid cycle […]

Grid Components for Delphi

This list of Grid components available for Delphi. is originally from a Usenet post by Anthony Richardson (anthony_r at I’ve added more since then. The following is a list of Third-Party Grid suppliers: SpreadSheets: TAdvSpreadGrid – TSpread – TSpreadSheet – THyperSpreadsheet – Non-DataAware: InfoPower – Top Grid – […]