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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Toshiba CB2

I have written hundreds of articles and dozens of reviews over the years. I can honestly say that reviewing the Toshiba 13” FHD Chromebook 2 has been the most difficult. The difficulty has arisen from a number of directions. On one hand Toshiba has directly addressed many of the gripes chromebook users have had (IPS […]

JIRA Workflows for 1st Timers


New JIRA users often run into a predictable set of problems when they jump in to build a workflow. If you are new to JIRA, I encourage you to get some training before you move beyond learning and start pushing workflows to users. If you want to get going quickly, here are some guidelines that […]

JIRA Training 103 – The Right Tool

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I was reflecting on my time at the Atlassian Summit today and put some pieces together. Throughout the conference I would hear the keynotes (mostly Atlassian leadership) and session speakers wax on about the improvements in the products and where things were going. (On a side note, this was one of the best events I […]

Europe on a Chromebook


Much has been and will continue to be made of the viability of Chromebooks as a primary computing device. Microsoft launches direct attacks, inadvertently validating the platform. I see posts often lamenting the lack of gaming support. I judge computing devices by how well the device enables me to do what I need to. It […]

Has Google Crossed Over?

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In the life of corporations, especially technology companies, there appears to be a tipping point where they cross the line and begin to bleed their customers at a greater rate than they provide new value. A couple of good examples are Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft. Earlier examples are IBM, Digital, and Wang. When Microsoft rolled […]

How Does Samsungs Chromebook 2 13″ Really Work?

When a product category has matured to the point of multiple good offerings from many manufacturers, comparing devices gets more difficult but more fun. Last year I was contrasting the Pixel to the original Samsung Chromebook and the Lenovo 131e, not exactly a fair fight. Sort of like Germany playing Portugal in the World Cup […]

The Cloud Life, Backups are for People Too

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I had a real life cloud crisis moment occur this week. Fortunately some wise choices prevented disaster. The crisis was in my business but I will bridge the gap to personal very directly. This experience cemented my belief that my current cloud data strategy is correct. More importantly I stressed the system and it worked. […]

Chromebooks, Coming to the Surface

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When I consider the Chromebooks I use, I constantly think of the future. The constant, steady expansion of features. The improved choices in the marketplace. The coming waves of new applications. I tend to think of what it can do, not what it can’t. I have realized this is the core problem with the mainstream […]

JIRA Training 102 – The Little Things


When I observe various JIRA installations, some common problems tend to bubble to the surface. Many cases of poor adoption or user interaction can be traced back to inadequate setup. As a JIRA Admin or champion you can send a clear message to your users by how you approach the system in the first place. […]

JIRA Training 101 – Workflows


Atlassian’s JIRA is a powerful tool to manage your team and your projects. Having a tool and bringing a tool to bear on a problem are two totally different things. I teach a JIRA Boot Camp class that is three days long and focuses on skills, like workflow configuration, needed to be successful implementing JIRA. What is […]

Beware of Prototyping


There are many threats to a successful software development project. While prototyping seems on the surface to be a 100% wholesome and good thing, it does need to be used wisely and be properly qualified, or it can become one of those threats. Like other aspects of project development, prototyping needs to be done well […]