Is Angular 2 Production Ready? Yes (*)

As of March 2016 (Angular 2 beta.11) the answer is yes… or rather, yes*. Google offers an existence proof. The Angular project leaders at Google have stated publicly (I most recently heard it on a podcast) that Angular 2 is already in production on significant projects inside Google. They mention a project with size information: […]

Angular 2 – Staggeringly Ambitious

By now, most readers know a little about the motivations and features of Angular 2.0. Here I recap them briefly, these are ideas I have seen Angular team members say in conference talks, mixed with others I have inferred. Performance, and design/API changes needed to achieve it. Accommodate the changing web development environment, including Web […]

Expert Angular Developer-Trainers Wanted

Here at Oasis Digital, a sizable portion of our work revolves around AngularJS and soon Angular 2: writing software, reviewing software, consulting, teaching classes. Our Angular classes are described in detail at – as you can read there, our classes are taught by professional, expert developers. Our Angular classes have proven quite popular – […]

Online vs In-Person Classes

Young girl using laptop study working communicating ordering online sitting in comfortable beanbag chair cityscape on the background

Earlier this year, we started offering some of our classes (most prominently Angular Boot Camp and JIRA Boot Camp) online as well as in person. We had intentionally waited to offer an online option until our classes were well proven as live, in-person events, with the goal of making the online experience capture as much […]

Angular Firebase Observable – Simple Weather Example

In preparation for Angular 2, we have been digging into its capabilities extensively. One of the most interesting areas is around Observables, as mentioned in a blog post and video a couple of weeks ago. Here is more along the same lines, this time using Firebase. Source code: This is intentionally a relatively straightforward […]

Creating a 3D Configurator with ThreeJS


(Maneesh Tewani was a summer intern at Oasis Digital in 2014, and returned to lead the Summer Intern Program in 2015. As of this posting, he currently attends Purdue University. Maneesh recently wrote this technical description of a 3D project which was started by interns, and first documented, in 2013.) Introduction “Swingset” is a custom […]

Typescript Now – for AngularJS

Another “extended Angular Lunch” talk, Kyle Cordes explains why you would want to make the switch to TypeScript today rather than wait for Angular 2. An earlier blog post covers a similar topic. Transcript We have transcribed the talk to text, provided below. (more…)

JIRA Board Case Study

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.03.13 PM

I recently gave a talk about a somewhat non-traditional approach to using Agile boards in JIRA. This was recorded 2015-09-15 at our offices in St. Louis. Transcript We have transcribed the talk about to text, provided below. (more…)