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Expert Angular Developer-Trainers Wanted

Here at Oasis Digital, a sizable portion of our work revolves around AngularJS and soon Angular 2: writing software, reviewing software, consulting, teaching classes. Our Angular classes are described in detail at – as you can read there, our classes are taught by professional, expert developers. Our Angular classes have proven quite popular – […]

Angular Firebase Observable – Simple Weather Example

In preparation for Angular 2, we have been digging into its capabilities extensively. One of the most interesting areas is around Observables, as mentioned in a blog post and video a couple of weeks ago. Here is more along the same lines, this time using Firebase. Source code: This is intentionally a relatively straightforward […]

Creating a 3D Configurator with ThreeJS


(Maneesh Tewani was a summer intern at Oasis Digital in 2014, and returned to lead the Summer Intern Program in 2015. As of this posting, he currently attends Purdue University. Maneesh recently wrote this technical description of a 3D project which was started by interns, and first documented, in 2013.) Introduction “Swingset” is a custom […]

AngularJS Testing Frameworks – Mark Katerberg – Angular Lunch

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.03.13 PM

At our September 9, 2015 Angular Lunch, Mark Katerberg compared the different testing frameworks with AngularJS 1.x. He shows and explains the differences between Jasmine, Mocha and associated libraries, and how they compare for Angular application unit testing. If you don’t have time to watch it, here is my super-high-level summary: Karma+Jasmine is a solid, […]

Angular 2 Observable Data Flow

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.47.25 AM

(The usual warning: This is code from a couple weeks after Angular 2Alpha 45 – if you’re watching this months later, things may have changed!) A few weeks ago at the Angular Connect conference in London, the core Angular team presented on the new Observable data flow and related concepts available and under development in […]

First Angular 2 Class Completed

Today we finished teaching our first Angular 2 class. This was our “Early Start with Angular 2“, a special, preview two-day version of what will soon be a three-day class – or perhaps even longer. This was an “alpha” class, using alpha materials, covering an alpha product, but in spite of that it went well. […]

Data Field Directive Example – AngularJS

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.06.16 AM

Toward the end of our Angular class we typically present some example code that uses various Angular concepts in an integrated way. Here is one of those examples, explained on video. In this example we show how to use directives to abstract away many of the details of complex data entry forms.   Of course […]

angular-phonecat Using TypeScript


As mentioned in some previous posts, TypeScript is a very useful tool (language) for writing more correct code in larger JavaScript applications, and with Angular 2 (and at least one of its competitors) built in TypeScript, TS is likely to gain a lot more popularity. To help anyone still getting started, I have translated the […]

Angular 2 Plans – Angular Boot Camp

Here at Oasis Digital, we have been receiving lots of questions about our plans around our popular Angular Boot Camp class, and the upcoming Angular version 2. It is important to handle transitions like this well; here is our plan, already underway. Angular 2 is Coming Soon! We are already hard at work with Angular […]

Getting Started With DI in Angular 2

One of the core features of Angular 2 is dependency injection. This post serves as an introduction to using DI in Angular 2 apps. Hierarchical DI Angular 2 uses a hierarchical system for managing injectable objects. For developers this means that the choice of having a new instance or a previously created one is up […]